How to become a DJ

How to become a DJ?

How to become a DJ? A frequently asked question. At Sound Education learn alongside DJ and also how to make from start to finish OWN tracks. Because nothing is more fun than running your own music!


Within our field, this is the most popular search term on Google. That is why we want to devote some time and attention. Indeed, it is far too easy replied: “follow the course of x PRO DJ lessons and become guaranteed world famous!” Our tip is to take this a bit with a grain of salt and think about the following.


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It is now necessary that a DJ can not only run well and can respond to the public; He must also have a number of releases to his name.Otherwise, it is now in order to get to the container a very much more difficult.

Without your own productions slower bookings requested by agencies. You’re in their eyes simply worth less than a DJ WITH own productions. But no agency of many performances that controls you, you are also less interested in labels … So if you want to stabbing out head and shoulders above the competition you must ensure that your tracks have Wherever you’ll attention to must pay is your promotion. In other words; a thorough knowledge of how to sell yourself is essential.


– You control the best all in one dj controllers, turntables and best dj mixers complete. And or who are in clubs and at festivals, not of the MediaMarkt … To mix well in track and you have to know the timing and effects of the equipment.Moreover, the art of DJing and nowadays not so difficult. How do you turn you can indeed learn a few lessons, BUT:

– DJing is not just images in mixes; the selection of those pictures is of course essential! What is your next track, you get there the people back of the room also participated in dancing, whether the rate should precisely what down because in droves fainting because it’s 50 degrees in the tent … These are a few considerations that a DJ has to make. And he has made a choice, he must have said or know where to find the track still (fast!). You do not necessarily happy with suitcases full searching of records, but you have to have your songs well organized.

– You are able to put yourself in the market; your social media looks good, your website is up-to-date and YOU will look when it is necessary good.

– And in addition it is now so almost indispensable to also own tracks. You may use an ghost producer, but it is the most fun to produce and run your own tracks.

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